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“»Now anything can happen, in a little while Alexandra will come flying through the window.« I overheard this comment while we waited to be locked in to Koncertkirken. The door opened and four creatures with giant papmaché heads and tulle skirts locked us in. For a scenography that consisted of a cage built of neon tubes. Oh yes, anything can happen now, I thought, stepping into a world of tulle, cardboard, neon, and teletubbies from my deepest nightmares…”

Niclas Nørby Hundahl on Alexandra’s Spectacle for Seismograf

“Through the dance they portrayed the attachment, detachment, despair, joy and desperation – all that can be expressed so much better without words. Musically they were accompanied by the most seductive, inciting song by Alexandra Hallén, who, in combination with the cello playing, lifted the performance and made it almost unearthly. It was so beautiful that one could almost not stand it.”

Michael Svennevig on “Herfra min verden går” for Ørkendrømme

“The first concert was with the Swedish cellist Alexandra Hallén. According to the program book, two of the three works had come to light at her initiative through an open call to composers in the Middle East and North Africa to write works for solocello. The whole thing was delivered with great clarity and musicality by the well-playing soloist.”

Søren Møller Sørensen for Seismograf


★★★★★  to “Herfra min verden går” from Den4vaeg
“…The performance has an incredible flow, where all elements – dance, cello playing, milk splash and mud molding – slides completely floating in and out of each other. It feels natural when the cellist plays her moody melodies that accompany the narrative without diverting the focus from the performance…”

Daniella Ottendal Skovgaard for Den4vaeg