artist . performer . cellist . composer

List of works

Solo performance

“Monologue” (2019)

“Innestängd och Utestängd” (2017)

“Innifrån och Utifrån” (2017)

“Bach på repeat” (2017)

Solo cello and video

“Childhood tapestry seen during fever hallucinations” (2019)

Solo voice

“Let’s go shopping!” (2019)

Duo work

“A scent of” (2020)

Ensemble work

“With ice and human instruments” (2019) – one musician and two human instruments

“Let it be” (2019) – 4-20 voices and one performer

“Tvivlaren” (2019) – one musician and two human instruments

“4 male musicians in high heels with paper tubes and microphones” (2020)

“4 musicians with heartbeat sensors and VR headsets” (2021)

“4 female musicians with white fabric in a metall cage” (2021)

Dance and Music Theater

“Herfra min verden går” – with NextdoorProject (2018)

“HJEM” – with NextdoorProject and MYKA (2019)

Auditive and performance walk

“Mindre end støv” (2021) – in collaboration with NextdoorProject and George Koutsouris

Online Opera 

“Extricate oneself” (2020-2021)


“Destruct[urat]ion” (2017)

“Self help” (2018)

“Barndomstapet sett under feber hallucinationer” (2018)

Art work

“Family album” (2019)

“#perfectdayperfectlifenofilter” (2020)

“coal and ashes” (2020)

Sounds Installation

“With paper tubes and microphones” (2020)

Audience participation

“Things that lead” (2019)

“Lydspil” (2021) – a performative sound and visual piece composed by Mette Nielsen & Alexandra Hallén