artist . performer . cellist . composer

Photographer: Jens Juul

The Artist

You will never really know what to expect, when going to a performance with Alexandra Hallén. But one thing is for sure, when you leave, something will definitely stick with you.

Hallén is a muliti facetted artist, composer and performer whom enjoys to explore the limits of both herself and with her audience. Her work is innovative and original, often with a political twist, questioning social structures and how it can feel like, as a human being, to take part in todays community. 

As a cellist Alexandra Hallén is as passionate as she is bold and are known for her work of details and passionate energy. Her willingness to always push the boundaries off cello playing, so to explore new extended technics, has resulted in close collaborations with many composers. 

Alexandra Hallén is the artistic director and founder of KRUMBUKTER, the ensemble Krumbuktus and KlubKrumbukt.

During this year she will, among other things arrange an art demonstration and record a CD featuring avantgarde music written by danish composers – supported by the Danish Composers society and The Augustinus Foundation.

Photographer: Jens Juul