Alexandra Hallén

is a multi faceted and experimental artist who is more than happy to test the limits for both herself, as an artist, and with her audience.

In her own words,

What relationship has my body to the room that surrounds me?

As a performer and as an artist I have a responsibility to my audience, to ask questions with open answers. If my questions can create a ripple in one sense, then there can be more.

During this year she will, among other things, compose and perform the music for the Danish dance and theater production “Herfra min Verde går”, hold an art demonstration and record a CD featuring avantgarde music written by danish composers – supported by the Danish Composers society and The Augustinus Foundation. 

News and upcoming projects


February – solo concerts, Copenhagen and Odense

April – Concert with Triplicate and Agnes Wästfelt

May – Trio concert with Nadia Ratsimandrey and Ying-Hsueh Chen, KLANG avant garde music festival, Copenhagen


January – February – Composing music for “Herfra min verden går”, Next door project

27-28 February – “Herfra min verden går”, premier at Godsbanen, Århus

1-3 March – “Herfra min verden går” – Godsbanen, Århus

29 th of April – “be:tween:sides” – Trio concert, Århus

6th of May – “be:tween:sides” – Trio concert, LiteraturHaus – Copenhagen

3rd of June – “Krumbuktus” playing at KLANG avant-garde music festival, Copenhagen

3-9 September – “Herfra min verden går”, Riddersalen – Frederiksber

14-17 November Solo koncert i Aalborg

November – Cd recording – works for solo cello written by Danish composers


7th of  May – Solo concert, Copenhagen

15th of September – Solo concert at OpenDays Festival, Aalborg

17th of September – Solo exhibition, “Innestängd och Utestängd”, Copenhagen

28th of September – Concert with Annemette Pødenphandt and Mikkel Egelund

September – Touring with Next door project, Denmark

November – Touring with Next door project, Denmark

5th of November – Solo concert, Frederiksbergs slotskirke

19th of November – Concerts with Annemette Pødenphandt and Mikkel Egelund, Århus

December – Composing music for “Herfra min verden går”, Next door project

17th of December – Premiering Fuzzys Christmas Oratory “Hvorfor vi holder jul” – Frederiksbergs solts kirke, Danmark

For eyes and ears

From the musical theater, “Den du fodrer” composed and written by Lasse Schwanenflugel Piasecki


Photographer: Jens Juul

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